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Raising $7.5m for Pure Joy!

Yep, that’s $7.5m – to build facilities that are functional, creative and environmentally friendly, please don’t just talk the talk, please walk the walk, every dollar counts.
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Direct Deposit Donations

An automatic donation of as little as $30 each month gives us greater ability to apply for bank loans. It’s a huge help. We’ll also recognize you as a founding member and provide you with special benefits as result.

The Pure Joy Foundation Trust

Workplace raffles

Put together 3 prizes; (1) Gift voucher (2) Hamper (3) Chocolates. Buy raffle tickets from a newsagent, sell them to your workmates.
Ask us how.

Donation Tin Placement

Place a donation tin on the counter of your shop. We’ll provide it, when its full just count it up and deposit the funds directly or ask a volunteer to come pick it up.
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